An elusive parrot ‘on the wing’ for four weeks has been captured

Alistair Old's missing parrot is recaptured
Alistair Old's missing parrot is recaptured

The Journal and Gazette reported on the loss of Alistair Old’s Rosella parrot in our January 24 issue, and have now received the welcome news that ‘Jack’ has been recaptured.

Alistair said: “Our succesful capture of Jack was due to the publicity we received from the Journal and Gazette.

The response we had from locals phoning us to tell us where he was sighted was truly amazing.

A couple saw the article in the paper out at Kildimmery and phoned us to say Jack was feeding off their bird table.

I then enlisted the help of locals Doug Hanley and David Young who were able to provide advice and traps to try and capture him.

It took us four weeks to entice him into one of the traps but we eventually caught him this week and he is now safely back home in his aviary.”

I would like to say a huge thanks to the Journal and Gazette for publicising the escape - we wouldn’t have known where he was if it hadn’t been for your readers.