An emotional day

27-06-2014. Picture Michael Gillen. BO'NESS Glebe Park. Bo'ness Children's Fair 2014. Queen Louise Wilson.
27-06-2014. Picture Michael Gillen. BO'NESS Glebe Park. Bo'ness Children's Fair 2014. Queen Louise Wilson.

Three generations and family friends made sure that Bo’ness Fair Queen Louise Wilson had a day to remember last Friday. And Louise expressed thanks to everyone who contributed to her big day in her speech at the close of the day, a speech she wrote herself.

Her mum Barbara said: “It didn’t faze her one bit but for me and all the family, it was emotional.”

Emotions ran high for the family at the Ewart Grove home on Friday. Louise, however, was as cool as a cucumber – unlike her mum, a hairdresser, and grandmother Beth Cockburn.

Barbara entered the room to see if she could help and the tears flowed. She said: “It was breathtaking; she was absolutely gorgeous. I’m glad I cried as it meant I was able to hold myself together for the rest of the day.”

Neighbours and friends were there to watch Carriden Band playing for the Fair Queen at her home. Barbara said: “Louise and I both like brass bands and asked for Carriden as we have connections to it. It was great.

“My friends Lynne Grant and Claire Love helped to provide refreshments which was a great help.”

She added: “The whole day was fantastic and the weather played a big part. The arch made by her dad was amazing – exactly how we’d planned it. People were still coming to see it over the weekend. We’re grateful to everyone who helped.

“Her dad was emotional at times. Our son Scott is quiet but I know he was proud of Louise. We were all proud of her.”

Louise has wonderful memories of her special day.She said: “I loved my dress. My Gran Cockburn had a tear when she saw me in my dress. I think I’ll store it at her house as I want to keep it. 
A number of videos were taken and I have lots of photographs. I think we’ll look at them a lot. I will always remember the day. In my speech I thanked loads of people; I wanted them to know how grateful I was.”

The crown was not placed on Queen Louise’s head until 11.10am – the traditional 11am deadline slipping past as the retinue continued to file into Glebe Park. The hiatus was caused by a delay in the preparations by one of the primary schools.

Said Fair chairman Jim Stewart: ‘‘It was unfortunate but no harm was done.’’

He added: ‘‘I thought the retinue did a fabulous job in front of a very big crowd. And Queen Louise was smiling and gracious throughout a very long day. She and the entire retinue did Deanburn Primary School, their families and friends proud.”