Anger as pet cat poisoned and kicked to death

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A PET owner has 
spoken out after his cat was poisoned with anti-freeze and kicked to death last week.

Chris and Jennifer Wynne who live at Belsyde Court in Linlithgow Bridge were left distraught when their two-year-old cat Lola was found drugged and beaten up on Friday, crying for help at their door.

The couple had let her outside on Wednesday evening but she didn’t return for two days.

Chris (30) said: “I came home from work on Wednesday and we let her out as usual.

‘‘She normally comes back at night time, and she always comes in to use her litter tray, but we didn’t hear anything.”

But, on Friday, Chris’ wife Jennifer (26) returned from work at Blackridge Primary School to find the black and white tabby slumped inside the door at the bottom of the stairs.

Chris said: “It was as if she had been on the run for weeks and this was her getting a rest.”

Jennifer immediately took Lola to the Riverside Vet Clinic in Howden, Livingston, to see what was wrong with her.

Chris said: “The vet was able to see she had been poisoned with anti-freeze which would have made her disorientated as she tried to make her way back home.

‘‘But, at some point, somebody kicked her so hard her internal organs were damaged.

“There was bruising on her belly where she had been kicked and her insides were all over the place.

‘‘When she went for an X-ray, they couldn’t find her bladder as it had exploded.”

Lola had to be put down on Friday afternoon.

The couple are now keen to make people aware of 
cruelty to animals and 
contacted the SSPCA about what happened.

Chris said: “What we want to do is to make other cat owners aware of what is happening in Linlithgow and also to make the people who feed cats anti-freeze, or who kick cats for ‘fun’, realise this is a serious crime.”

He added that Lola had never experienced any cruelty before, but he had seen a few ‘lost cat’ posters on lamp posts in the area recently.

Many animals find the taste of anti-freeze very attractive but even a small amount can lead to kidney failure and death, especially in cats.

Scottish SPCA senior inspector Stuart Murray said: “We were recently contacted by the owner of a cat in the Linlithgow area which, sadly, had to be put to sleep by a vet after suffering from suspected poisoning.

‘‘Without any other evidence we cannot say whether this poisoning was deliberate or accidental.

“We want pet owners in the area to be aware of the potential danger and they should be vigilant if they are letting their cats out of the house.

‘‘Anyone with information should contact the Scottish SPCA animal helpline on 03000 999 999.”

Despite sadness at the loss of their much-loved moggie, Chris and Jennifer were also delighted to find out this week they are going to become parents.