Anger at Bo’ness ‘island’ mess

090413 Littering on the foreshore, Boness.
090413 Littering on the foreshore, Boness.
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A SMOULDERING fire and litter left strewn at the recently-designated Kinneil Local Nature Reserve have been slammed by a concerned resident.

The regular foreshore walker contacted the Journal and Gazette this week, saying: “I was down the shore yesterday (Sunday) on the island part and obviously a whole crowd of young people have been having a Saturday night revelry there and have left the most appalling mess. It’s disgraceful.”

She had stumbled across the scene - including polythene bags, bottles, plus a wooden sleeper which had been on fire - around 10am.

“There’s been nothing to match this (before) and I think it should be stopped before it becomes a common practice,” she said.

The ‘island’ off the foreshore already had special conservation protection, due to its international importance for seabirds, prior to Falkirk Council declaring it a local nature reserve last month.

Bo’ness Councillor Adrian Mahoney, also Falkirk’s leisure, tourism and community convener, said: “Parks and open spaces - particularly areas that might be hidden away, such as the tidal island at Kinneil, - can attract anti-social behaviour and litter.

“Council staff do their best to keep open spaces clean but have a real battle on their hands - particularly from those using more remote areas as illegal drinking dens. Sometimes, the rubbish and debris left behind isn’t just 
unsightly, it also poses a real risk to wildlife.”

Having alerted council staff to this incident, he urged people to take their litter home or to dispose of it properly, including bags of dog dirt.

“We have wonderful open spaces in Bo’ness - let’s keep them that way.

“If you spot anti-social behaviour - including littering, fly-tipping or vandalism - give the council’s hotline a call on 0808 100 3161,” he added.