Anger over change to green bin collection

Green bins to be collected every four-weeks
Green bins to be collected every four-weeks

Angry residents have put their names to an online petition protesting the forthcoming change to a monthly bin uplift.

From October green bins in Bo’ness will be collected every four weeks as Falkirk Council plans to re-schedule the collection timetable but householders say the system is struggling to cope at the moment.

The online petition, which has almost 3000 supporters, claims there will be a rise in vermin and fly-tipping when the changes are introduced.

One resident said: “There is a dog waste bin that is overflowing with household waste and bin bags piled around it.

“If that’s what it’s like just now, can you imagine what it will be like in October when it moves to four weeks.“

A Falkirk Council spokesperson said: “Changing the collection frequency of the green bin will achieve savings of £150,000 during 2016/17, along with £200,000 saved from the move to a four-weekly brown bin collection which is already in place.

“A number of councils are implementing similar changes.

“As well as saving money, the change will also be better for the environment, reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill.

“While the green bins will move to a four-weekly collection, food waste will still be collected on a weekly basis so there should be no issues with vermin or flies if householders are using the whole collection service properly

“We are also introducing a separate collection for disposable nappies and adult hygiene products.”

Residents can visit to apply for this new nappy uplift service.