Anglers cast net for loch clean-up

The real culprits of loch vandalism isn't mindless yobs say locals
The real culprits of loch vandalism isn't mindless yobs say locals

Linlithgow anglers claim more attention needs to be focused on raw sewage polluting the town’s landmark loch, rather than mindless fly tippers.

Following our picture two weeks ago of wheelie bins and plastic barriers which had been dumped in the loch, we received a letter alerting us to a different type of ‘vandalism’.

Mr Graham Laurie, of Linlithgow Bridge, told us vandalism wasn’t the main problem, it was a sewage overspill which the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) had diverted into the loch and nutrients which were leaching from adjacent farmland.

Weed growth and algal blooms, which affect everyone from anglers to canoeists, are the result.

Mr Laurie said: “We will always have vandals dumping stuff into the loch but the real ones are not the mindless yobs – it’s the people at SEPA, Historic Scotland and West Lothian Council who continually fail to do anything meaningful to prevent the pollution.”

Andrew McAlpine, secretary of the Forth Area Federation of Anglers, said: “This problem has been ongoing for some time now.”

A spokesman from SEPA said: “We are aware of the current refuse issue at Linlithgow Loch and contact has been made with the local authority, Historic Scotland and NHS Lothian to advise them that steps should be taken as soon as possible to remove any waste.”