Annie proves she is not over the hill yet

100th birthday party at Salvation Army for Annie Hill
100th birthday party at Salvation Army for Annie Hill

There were celebrations this week as Bo’ness woman Annie Hill celebrated her 100th birthday on March 16.

Born and bred in the town, Annie went to Grange School –although she was supposed to attend Bo’ness Academy after passing the qualifying exam.

However, she and her friend, Maisie – who was born on the same day as Annie – heard a rumour the syllabus at Grange School was more interesting so they decided to go there instead!

Annie, who had two brothers, Jack and Sandy, said: “We went there for five years and no-one ever said we should have been at the Academy instead!”

After finishing her education, Annie went straight into employment at the Co-operative draper’s shop at Market Square.

She said: “I left school on a Friday and started my first job on the Saturday.

“And now, they’ve even put my name above the shop – it’s now Hill’s the bookies!”

Annie was engaged to be married but called it off at the last minute.

During the war, Annie and her colleagues were examined for call up to the war effort. Annie said: “When I went back to see what they could offer, the woman said my manager had been in to see her.

“She said I wasn’t going to be called up because, if I was, my manager would have to employ two people to replace me at work!”

Annie, who only stopped working 20 years ago, celebrated with her family and at the Salvation Army lunch club, where she was surprised with flowers and a cake.