Another salvo in Ferrymuir saga


Sir, – Mr Clarkson’s response to my letter of December 6 simply reinforces the fact he has no respect for the direct effect the proposed access to the new development would have on individual residents.

His assertion that “it might appear that a small number of residents .... would be most affected” totally misrepresents the truth.

There is no “might” about this and Mr Clarkson should have the good grace to admit the effect increased traffic would have on a small section of the Varney Estate.

His statement “the public spaces and streets are used by and belong to us all” is glib to say the least. I live within a few hundred metres of Mr Clarkson and yet have not been on his street more than four or five times in the 25 years I have lived in the Varneys, even though I have a right to do so. I would be interested to learn how frequently Mr Clarkson walks, drives or cycles along Canmore Street or Henry Ross Place?

Hugh Russell Place is part of the national cycle route and leads to the main footpath to the Forth Road Bridge and Echline. This route is used by cyclists, pedestrians and children on their way to and from school. There is therefore some chance Mr Clarkson has used this road and I urge him to imagine how different it would be if it became an entrance to a new estate.

I accept the Ferrymuir Gait site may subsequently be developed for housing, the proposed scheme is lacking in vision and the suggested access will increase traffic in the Varney Estate to unacceptable levels. There is an obvious entry to the proposed Ferrymuir Gait scheme along Ferrymuir Gait (the clue is in the name) and pressure should be brought to bear on Forth Ports and/or Transport Scotland to allow adoption of that road for access. That the safety of Varney residents, cyclists, school children and other pedestrians should be secondary to the whim of a publicly owned body is ridiculous. I find it hard to believe that Mr Clarkson empathises with anyone on this issue.

Instead of insisting access through the Varney Estate is a good thing, he should be campaigning for the more sensible access via Ferrymuir Gait. – Yours etc.,

Colin Ferrington

by email