Anti-social behaviour tumbles by 21 per cent

Inspector Chris Stewart,  Community Inspector, Bo'ness
Inspector Chris Stewart, Community Inspector, Bo'ness

Tackling anti-social behaviour and disorder is a priority for Forth Valley Division, according to community inspector Chris Stewart.

Anti-social behaviour can take many forms and can range from private dwelling issues that may impact on a small number of people to open space disorder which can have an impact on the whole community.

Regardless of the number of people it impacts, this type of behaviour can have a significant effect on quality of life for those affected.

Tackling these problems requires a partnership approach, with the police taking a key role.

Our approach involves identifying offenders causing the greatest threat and the open space, public areas, which are of concern.

We then work closely with Falkirk Council and other partners and carry out a range of interventive measures aimed at preventing and deterring anti-social behaviour.

We also take robust enforcement action against those who engage in this type of behaviour, in the hope of improving the quality of life for those who stay, visit and work in Bo’ness.

There is a clear link between alcohol and anti-social behaviour and disorder and, as such, there is a clear focus on ensuring that licensed premises are being responsible.

We are very pro-active in terms of visiting licensed premises in the Bo’ness area and have a good relationship with licence holders.

We identify those premises which we believe are of concern and regularly carry out joint visits with the council.

One method we use is test purchasing. This involves someone under 18 trying to purchase alcohol from a licensed premises. The aim of these operations is to ensure that alcohol is being sold responsibly within the law.

Recently, such an operation was undertaken in the Bo’ness area and I am pleased to say that all premises we visited passed with flying colours. This gives us a clear indication that licensees are acting responsibly.

Our approach to tackling anti-social behaviour does appear to be having a positive impact, with a 21 per cent reduction in Bo’ness compared to last year.

We will continue to work with our partners to tackle all anti-social behaviour and I would encourage anyone who is experiencing such problems or if anyone has information in relation to those engaging in this type of behaviour, to contact Police Scotland by calling 101 or visiting our website at