Aoife will be village’s Queen for a day

Torphichen Gala Queen  Aoife Sutton
Torphichen Gala Queen Aoife Sutton

There were no surprises when Aoife Sutton was hailed queen-elect for the Torphichen gala day.

For its a rule that anyone going forward for a principal post must have lived in the village for two years - and Aoife (11) was the only girl in her class that passed the test.

This year’s gala day is on Saturday, June 13, and, already, excitement is mounting, particularly in the Sutton household.

Mum, Grainne, said: ‘‘We’ve lived in the village now for 10 years and have always participated in the gala day.

‘‘They have a great, hard-working committee and it is always something to look 
forward to every summer.

‘‘Obviously, this year, with Aoife as queen, it’s even more special for us!

‘‘Already she is very excited about it despite the fact we have known for some time that she was the only girl 
eligible to be gala queen-elect this year!’’

Jennifer Dunsmore, gala day committee chairwoman, said: ‘‘It’s all coming together nicely but there’s still a bit of fundraising going on.

‘‘There’s always room for a few more volunteers and the committee would be delighted to see a few new faces coming along to help out.’’

Retinue principals: Queen-elect, Aoife Sutton; chief lady in waiting, Lily Greenshields; page boys, Douglas Baird and Euan Murray; standard-
bearer, Gregor Buist; champion, Fraser Holman; herald, Alexander Dunlop; crown-bearer, Eve Samper; sceptre-bearer, Rosie Dunlop; flower queen, Iona McMillan; fairy queen, Sylvana Donaldson.