ASHI fundraising makes £602

ASHI charity fundraiser at Linlithgow
ASHI charity fundraiser at Linlithgow

The Association of Serving Humanity International (ASHI) has been fundraising to raise money to provide clean water in Uganda.

The charity is dedicated to raising funds to assist developing countries to improve their sanitation services.

They have been able to continue doing this by running various fundraising events in West Lothian.

On March 15, the group visited Sainsburys in Linlithgow to fundraise, and to inform people of the charity. This was the third of four fundraising events they have organised. The money raised at this event was being used to help the town of Bala in Northern Uganda to install pipes and taps to give them clean, safe and easily accessible water.

The event raised £602.

ASHI’s goal is to raise £26,000