At the mercy of tradesmen

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A LINLITHGOW couple were left feeling victimised after a pipeline of errors from gas work contractors.

When Peter and Lesley Scott of 1 Braehead Road were told their gas pipeline was being replaced, they 
accepted it as a necessary 

But they had no idea it would mean limited access to their driveway and their gas being switched off without warning.

Work by contractors May Gurney, on behalf of Scotia Gas Networks (SGN), began on Braehead Road around four weeks ago, as part of a larger 12-week, £150,000 project to replace the gas mains in Moray Drive, 
Hamilton Avenue, Stewart Avenue and Douglas 
Avenue, with a more flexible and robust polyethylene pipe.

On July 26, Peter (57) 
contacted May Gurney after returning home eight days earlier to find the road 
outside his house dug up, blocking access to his garage, without warning.

He added: “I know of one person who was on nightshift and the contractors dug the road up during the day whilst he was sleeping with his car in the garage.

“He could not use his car - what a disgrace.”

Peter called the contractor’s approach “totally alien to normal working standards,” and complained to their bosses SGN.

Despite apologies and reassurances the driveway would be kept accessible at all times following his complaint, problems began again last Saturday, August 4.

Peter said: “After being told there would be no 
extension to the current works affecting access to my driveway, I came home on Friday and found I had no driveway access and was told the workmen had to do four bypasses on the gas line, so they had to close my driveway off to achieve this.”

Peter was assured the work would be completed by 
Sunday but when he got into the house he found the gas supply was cut off.

Peter who works as a road sweeper added: “I had just worked a 12 hour shift and was very dirty. I just wanted a bath or shower.”

After further complaints, SGN was contacted and the gas supply was reinstated by 8pm.

But when workmen left the site around 3.15pm on Sunday with the work still incomplete, 
Peter felt harrassed and targeted by the workmen.

He said: “They (workmen) have tarred from the lamp post to halfway on the third barrier.

“I am sure this was done on purpose to deny me my driveway.”

On Monday, three barriers were placed around a patch on the pavement that was two feet square and a half inch deep, again denying him driveway access.

He said: “It’s now a 
harassment issue. This was on all accounts a directed action to show me who wins, your workers or me.”

When the Journal and 
Gazette contacted SGN this week, Anne Neilson, corporate communications manager said: “We were extremely disappointed to hear about Mr Scott’s experience which is an isolated incident. This is not of the standard we would expect from our contractor carrying out the work on our behalf.”

She added that an SGN team manager had apologised to the family, training issues were being addressed with May Gurney regarding customer service and permanent resurfacing work would be complete by Wednesday.

By Wednesday evening, tar work at 1 Braehead Road was complete and barriers removed, much to the Scotts’ relief.