Ayrshire and Arran Tourist board impressed by Pride and Passion Linlithgow

Pride and Passion Linlithgow hosting Ayrshire and Arran Tourist Board
Pride and Passion Linlithgow hosting Ayrshire and Arran Tourist Board

photos: Alan Murray

The voluntary organisation, whose aim is to develop a tourism culture in Linlithgow, sets itself out to inspire and engage with the community and to promote tourism to the social and economic benefit of those living and working in the town.

Such has been the success of the group, that it caught the eye of Ayrshire and Arran Tourist Board who were hosted to a day out in the town this week, where they were able to meet members of Pride and Passion Linlithgow, as well as enjoy some of the local activities and hospitality from local service providers.

Ronnie Bamberry - Chair of Pride and Passion Linlithgow said: “It is a pleasure to Welcome the Ayrshire and Arran Tourism Team to the Royal Burgh. It is especially great to meet with like minded Tourism people who have seen and acknowledged the work done by Pride and Passion Linlithgow in the last 
8 years.

“This group have created the ‘Developing Your Community Project Brochure’ and not only highlighted Linlithgow in the publication but have taken time out to visit us to find out how we managed to create and operate the likes of www.linlithgow.com , ‘What’s On’ in the Linlithgow events diary, Linlithgow tourism webcams at the Canal Basin and The Cross, the Linlithgow APP, and how we manage to produce the Linlithgow Heritage Trail Leaflets as well as having a social media presence with such a small band of Volunteers.

Julie Sloan, Tourism Development Officer for Ayrshire and Arran said: “Before our visit today we had tagged Linlithgow as an area that was displaying best practice across several areas.

“Being here brought this to life. It gave us a flavour of how passionate the group are towards promoting tourism in the area.

“What impressed us the most is how they’ve learnt as they progressed along this journey and are continually looking to develop their marketing strategies further.”