Baa baa black sheep ... at Beecraigs

editorial image

Everyone likes to see springtime lambs gambolling in the sun– but at Beecraigs Country Park these Hebridrean lambs are “the new black”.

You’ll be able to see them from the Sutherland Way today, along with some of the other new arrivals – for example two recently-born Highland Cow calbes, Belted Galloways and crosses.

Beecraigs now also has a small flock of Scottish Blackfaced sheep, which you can see close to the Animal Attraction car park.

In August 2015 a flock of 20 Hebridean Sheep added a new dimension to the Beecraigs’ Animal Attraction.

This relatively small, fine boned sheep has glossy black hair on its face and legs, and both sexes commonly display two or more black horns and have hazel or yellow-brown eyes.

Altogether 15 lambs (three rams and 12 ewes) were born at Beecraigs in 2016, and another six breeding ewes have been added to the flock.