Balloons go up at Deacon’s Court

Deacon's Court Street Fair, annual balloon race
Deacon's Court Street Fair, annual balloon race

Balloons go up at street fair.

The Fair, with a selection of stalls raising funds for charity and, let’s not forget, it also raises money for the Marches ,saw a good number of visitors to The Cross.

However the main attraction of the afternoon was when more than 1000 blue and gold (biodegradable) balloons were released by John Cunningham (The Senior Baillie) at the foot of the Burgh Halls to a crowd of onlookers.

It was a spectacular sight as the mass of balloons flew up into the cloudy sky and headed in the direction of Linlithgow Loch.

The Ashmaan Restaurant and Westport Veterinary Clinic sponsored the costs relating to the balloons and helium gas, so every balloon sold translated into good old hard cash that is ploughed directly back into the local community.

The furthest travelled balloons by 1st June will be in line for one of many prizes from:

Gold Prizes - The Champany, Westport Veterinary Clinic

Blue Prizes - The Dolphin Take Away, Sebastian Kobelt, Far From The Madding Crowd, Truly Scrumptious, The Torphichen Inn and The Golden Chip.

The first balloon landed later in the day at Pinkie Mains in Musselburgh.

Linlithgow Round Table are grateful to the sponsors and the Linlithgow community for once again making the event so succesful.