Bananas for Fairtrade in Bo’ness

Bo'ness Public Primary School pupils pop-up shop selling fair trade goods.
Bo'ness Public Primary School pupils pop-up shop selling fair trade goods.

Children from Bo’ness Public Primary School were excited to be spending their week selling Fairtrade goods from their pop-up shop.

The primary five pupils are aiming to make Bo’ness an official Fairtrade town by next year and their teacher, Alan Potters, is proud of what his class achieved.

He said: “The kids have been great. This exercise has been fun and educational. Their English, maths and social skills are all being developed while they enjoy playing shop.”

The primary school already has Fairtrade status and the focus is now on getting Bo’ness the same accolade.

Goals must be completed before that can happen and they include - getting the local council to pass a resolution supporting Fairtrade, Fairtrade products available locally, community support for the products shown through events and places of worship selling the products.

Lastly, the media must raise awareness in the community.

The children on a trip round the town discovered six shops and two cafes selling Fairtrade products and found churches were also on board with the idea of Fairtrade.

Alan was pleased by this information but understands there is much more to do.

He said: “We need to keep this effort up otherwise we could miss out on Bo’ness being named a Fairtrade town. Next year the work has to continue as well so we do not lose our status.”

Profit from the shop is being donated to RSZZ, a wild panda protection charity.