Beautiful deed for a real friend

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Bo’ness beautician Clare Jensen had a suitably beautiful head of hair until very recently – but it has nearly all gone to a good cause.

She was the main driver behind a “friends and Facebook” local campaign to raise cash for her close friend, Rachel Laurie, who suffers from alopecia.

It’s an affliction she has tried everything to cure, with no success, and has badly dented her confidence.

Now Clare and her many backers have raised £9oo to go to the cost of high quality wigs, with the message: “You don’t need hair to be beautiful”.

Rachel now won’t have to worry about raising the cost of these expensive items herself, and has thanked everyone for their generosity.

Meanwhile Clare’s tresses, shaved away at Renella hairdressers in Falkirk, will go to the children’s charity Little Princess Trust, which provides wigs for children undergoing medical treatment which causes alopecia.

Clare reckons that beyond the practical help Rachel has been given the fact that so many people were happy to rally round shows how much people really value her friend.

“We all know Rachel is beautiful, and now we hope she knows it too”, said Clare.

“Alopecia can be very depressing , but we’re not letting it get her down”.