Bid to retain our heritage

070410  south queensferry high street
070410 south queensferry high street

Steps are to be taken to protect South Queensferry’s heritage and conservation area for future years.

Steps are to be taken to protect South Queensferry’s heritage and conservation area for future years.

With new housing planned and tourism set to increase in the years ahead, it is hoped that the town’s unique High Street and surrounding areas will retain their character.

A new organisation to promote Queensferry’s heritage and conservation is to be formed on Thursday, February 13, at a meeting in the Rosebery Hall at 7.30pm.

The new Queensferry Trust will concentrate on the history, character, development and quality of life within the Queensferry Conservation Area, from the rail bridge to the road bridge.

It complements Queensferry Ambition which was established to promote business interests.

John Murphy, a resident and organiser of the meeting, said the trust would also encourage high standards of architecture and town planning.

“We want to hear from as many people as possible about improving the quality of life in the area,” he said.

Those who attend the meeting in the upper room of the Rosebery Hall will also hear an update from Rachel Haworth, from the City of Edinburgh Council’s planning department, on a review of the Queensferry Conservation Area character appraisal.

It informs future planning proposals submitted to the council.

Rachel said: “We need to get people thinking about their conservation area and the features they feel make it unique and special.”

At the inaugural meeting of the trust, a constitution and action plan will be presented by John Murphy.

He added: “This is a chance for Queensferry people to say what they want for their town.

“Celebrations for the 50th anniversary of the Forth Road Bridge, the growth of the new Queensferry Crossing and potential UNESCO World Heritage status for the rail bridge will put a lot of pressure on an ancient settlement.

“We want these exciting developments to benefit our community through conservation and improved infrastructure.”

The new Trust revives the spirit of the Queensferry Association Conservation Group.

That organisation was wound up in the 1980s to make way for what is now Queensferry and District Community Council.