BIDS for Linlithgow

there will be a Business Improvement District (BID) meeting on Monday at the Low Port Centre, Linlithgow, which could improve the town’s fortunes.

It will be attended by all three local councillors and MSPs Fiona Hyslop and Mary Mulligan with a presentation on the potential benefits of a BID and information from BIDS Scotland representatives.

David Tait, chairman of Linlithgow Business Association, said: “The Linlithgow business community has suffered a series of setbacks over the past 12 to 18 months and this is an ideal opportunity to hear how businesses can work together for mutual benefit as part of a highly credible and respected initiative.

“Initial discussions with businesses suggest the need for such an initiative in Linlithgow is well recognised and there is a very positive attitude and desire to get involved.

“The BID scheme enjoys success around the world and here in Scotland has the full backing and support of government at national and local level.”

The LBA considered going for BIDS status around 18 months ago but decided not to proceed as the economics didn’t stack up. There was little support from retailers, key players in the proceedings.

Anne Daly of LBA added: “High Street participation is key to making this work - the BIDS area is a defined geography - and would start with the High Street and the steering group would decide whether to take it out to Mill Road for example.

“The meeting on Monday is very much a huge opportunity to find out what it is all about - a chance to take the bull by the horns and take positive steps to improve the fortunes of the High Street.”

The meeting is open to all Linlithgow businesses and starts at 7.30pm.