Bike trail back on track after fire

Vandalism at VAT Run in Queensferry
Vandalism at VAT Run in Queensferry

Vandals have targeted a facility aimed for bike lovers in Queensferry.

The VAT Run, off the town’s Hopetoun Road, is a dedicated area where bike trails and jumps are being created.

But last Friday night vandals set fire to the woodland area, destroying log seating and kindling for sale.

The local charity behind the project is devastated that the area has been targeted by vandals.

Park ranger Iwan Thomas said: ‘‘The vandalism is very annoying but what is probably more upsetting is knowing the many hours put in by volunteers to help prepare the wood, build the fire pit and fireside seating which have been wasted by the fire damage.’’

He said: ‘‘The plan was to use this wood to sell as firewood, charcoal and other wood products. This would have helped to pay for materials, tools, insurance and other things needed to build and maintain the trails.

Iwan added: ‘‘With the help of the council’s community service team we have quickly tidied up the mess and repaired the damage.

‘‘It is business as usual and we can now get back to the real task of building some high quality mountain bike trails in an attractive 
bit of woodland.’’

Anyone with information should contact Police Scotland on 101.