Bike trail in Ferry on track

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A MOUNTAIN bike trail in Queensferry is proving a great success with bikers young and old.

Volunteers have already spent hundreds of hours preparing and creating the tracks and trails at the Vat Run site, off Hopetoun Road, and organisers say it is now good to see it is being used by all ages and all sections of the community.

The pump track has been up and running for a while and there is great demand from youngsters as young as three years old on pushbikes, through to BMX bandits and expert MTBers.

While work on the site is still in progress, a series of trailbuilding workshops have been set up to give locals knowledge on how to build cycle tracks. The next two courses are being held on August 19 and September 30.

There will also be an open day on Sunday, August 26, from 11am to 3pm, where members of the public can come and see what has been created and try out the site. There will also be coaching sessions on the pump track, Dr.Bike, bike security tagging and much more.

City council park ranger Iwan Thomas, who is co-ordinating the Vat Run, said: “We all want The Vat Run to be a success, and we all want to see it reach its true potential. The only way this is going to happen is if people come along and join us.

“We need people to build the trails, to manage the woodland, to look after the wildlife, to keep a photographic record, to help out at events or to just join for the craic.

“Whatever you are interested in, biker or not, there is something you can do that will help make a difference.”

For more information, contact Iwan at or 07990 787026 or go online at