Bike trail shifts into gear

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Cyclists received a massive boost as the first stages of the mountain bike trail are set to be completed.

The trail at Kinneil Woods in Bo’ness will see phase one finalised possibly as early as the end of this month and will boast a pump track and skills area which will be free for anyone to use. It brings an end to an extremely long wait for Bob and Julie Keltie, who are part of the White Lady Mountain Bike group that has been campaigning for eight years to have bike facilities in the area.

The cost of the project is £47,000 and was designed and supervised by trailbuilder Pete Laing, who is one of the best in the business.

It has received support from a number of sources including the Falkirk Community Trust, Friends of Kinneil and the Bo’ness Community Council and councillors Ann Ritchie and Sandy Turner.

The idea started back in 2010 when Bob and Julie Keltie’s grandson Robbie Broome wondered why such facilities were not available after going down to Glentress Forest Mountain Biking in Peebles.

And now they can finally begin to see the fruits of their labour.

Treasurer of White Lady Mountain Bike group Bob (70) said: “The first phase is almost complete there are just a few finishing touches needed. We hope to have it finished at the end of January.

“It’s gratifying to see the effort was worthwhile.

“The track is for everyone to use from young kids to old codgers like me! It’s exhilarating and great exercise.

“If phase one is successful, we will look at building phase two and three.”