‘bin this plan’ council urged

Wheelie bins debate rumbles on   Pic Neil Hanna
Wheelie bins debate rumbles on Pic Neil Hanna
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A Facebook page set up following our front page story last week on Falkirk Council’s change to the fortnightly bin emptying schedule has 
attracted huge interest.

The page, ‘Say No to Bo’ness Wheelie Bins’ set up this week by Bo’ness foster carer Laurence Bissett, has already had over 300 ‘likes’.

Laurence said: “I was appalled when I read the story last week about the changes which would see residents having their bins emptied once every three weeks.

“I am a carer to five children and we already recycle everything we can. There are some weeks we struggle and have to take extra bags we’ve filled to the tip because the bin is already full.

“There is a growing resentment to the proposed changes to the refuse collection. I will be contacting my local councillors and asking them to publish their thoughts on these changes .”

Comments on Laurence’s page so far include: “I will have a council tax refund then”, “Mine is full before two weeks”, “Come summer its gonna be a stinky nightmare.”