Bin your rubbish!

Christmas waste at SQ
Christmas waste at SQ

A QUEENSFERRY en- vironmental group is making a special plea to everyone this Christmas.

Members of GreenFerry are calling on residents to ensure that they dispose of their rubbish carefully this festive season.

The local group, which annually organises a spring clean throughout the town, is looking to people to recycle their Christmas waste.

GreenFerry chairman Joyce Faulkner said that while she appreciates that many people do aim to recycle their waste such as paper and cardboard after December 25, the items do not get recycled unless they go in the skips.

She said: “In years gone by, boxes and packaging left outside the skips at the recycling centres in Queensferry has created an unsightly mess. I’m not sure that people realise that any rubbish left outside the skips is not recycled at all – it’s just taken away by the council workers and put straight into landfill. It would be better if people could manage to store their cardboard etc for a few days, or, better still, make a special trip to the council recycling centre at Sighthill.”

Just last week, the group was involved in a massive clean up operation of another one of their projects, the VAT Run bike track at the old railway line, off Hopetoun Road, pictured top right.

She said: “Over the years, the embankment which backs onto Farquhar Terrace and Port Edgar Marina has become a local dumping ground. Now, all that has been cleared. In fact we cleared 14 tons of rubbish.”

Among the items found dumped were garden sheds, furniture, televisions, fridges, children’s toys, prams, gas bottles and even an Anderson shelter.

There was also an enormous collection of shopping trolleys dating back several years, along with a good few broken bicycles and motorbikes.

A total of 9.8 tons of the material was sorted out for recycling, and the remainder went to landfill.

The clean up comes after GreenFerry successfully applied for a grant of £10,000 from Zero Waste Scotland for the area to be cleared.

The awarding panel (Keep Scotland Beautiful) was impressed that a team of community service workers had already completed over 100 hours of work to remove scrap metal which GreenFerry was then able to sell on. The more inaccessible materials were then removed by a private contractor.

The group is keen to make sure the dumping does not return with letters distributed to to residents nearby to let them know that the area has been cleaned up.

It has also asked the city council’s local environmental wardens to keep an eye on the area too.