Bloom bid blossoms

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The efforts of everyone involved in tidying up Linlithgow impressed Keep Scotland Beautiful judges this week.

Months of hard work had gone into preparing the town by Burgh Beautiful, local businesses and volunteers for Wednesday’s inspection from the environmental charity.

Over 18,000 flowers were planted in beds, tubs and hanging baskets over the last few months.

Judges toured the town before Linlithgow Reed Band gave them a musical send off by playing at The Cross.

Ron Smith, Burgh Beautiful volunteer, said: “I think the judges were reasonably impressed by a lot of the things we were doing.

“This event brings the community together and that is what it is all about.

“In the old days it was the job of the council. Now it is the community and it is great that people want to spend their time and get involved.

“There has been a lot of compliments about how good the town is looking. Thanks to the volunteers and the money we get from the community because without them we couldn’t do it.”

Colin Ainsworth, Keep Scotland Beautiful judge, said: “We thoroughly enjoyed our trip.

“The whole town comes together and it is a great community effort. We were bowled over by the amount of volunteers who were involved and the town is looking lovely.”

Judges will now go away and assess the scores. The Royal Burgh was marked on horticultural achievement, environmental responsibility and community participation.

Judge Jenny Sibbald said: “It’s not just all about bonnie flowers. The whole fabric of the town – the heritage, cleanliness, the community, schools and local groups come into it. It’s great to see how much everybody cares.”

The results of the contest will be revealed in September.