Blue Sapphire celebration

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A QUEENSFERRY couple celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary this week.

George and Jythe Murdoch, who live at Linn Mill, met by chance at the docks of Copenhagen and their love has blossomed ever since.

George (89) an Arctic convoy veteran, had just finished a three year stint with the convoys and while his ship was berthed at Copenhagen docks he met Jythe, from Aalborg, who had visited the capital to meet a friend who was sailing into the city.

Jythe (87) said: “It just so happened that my George’s destroyer was berthed next to The Little Mermaid statue. I never normally went there, but the ship was open, so I went on board to see if I could borrow binoculars to see if I could see my friend’s ship at sea.

“It just so happened that the person I asked was George and after talking for a while he asked if we could meet again.”

After three days, George sailed back to Britain but they continued to write to each other. A year later they met up again and became engaged.

The couple married in Aalborg in 1948 and settled down in Aberdeen. They then moved to Edinburgh in the 1960s where George worked as a manager with Scottish Agricultural Industries until his retirement in 1981 while Jythe worked as a nursery headteacher in Blackburn.

It was not until the early 70s that they moved to Queensferry.

Jythe said: “Initially we had been looking at a property in Rosyth but a friend told us of plots of land on the outskirts of Queensferry. We bought the land and were told by the developer to just find an architect and builder, which we did.”

Their property offers magnificent views over the Forth and they now look forward to seeing a third bridge being built. Although construction work is nearby, Jythe joked that due to slight hearing difficulties they do not hear too much noise.

George, seen wearing his Arctic Convey veteran’s white beret, has in his spare time acted as treasurer of the Scottish Arctic Convoys Club. And he is now looking forward to receiving his Arctic Star medal.

The couple have two children Dane (64) and Gigge (61) and have two grandchildren, who live in New Zealand.