Bo’ness Academy head: ‘We can be the best school in Falkirk area’

Bo'ness Academy Head Teacher Steve Dougan
Bo'ness Academy Head Teacher Steve Dougan

The new rector at Bo’ness Academy has been outlining his plans for the school and he is aiming high.

Steve Dougan (53) believes that, under his command, Bo’ness Academy can become the best school in Falkirk.

He said: “That is my aim. I want to us to get to the top.

“Actually, I want to be the best in Scotland, but for now Falkirk will do.”

Steve has spent his whole teaching life at Bo’ness Academy, starting back in 1984.

He progressed through the ranks, from maths teacher to assistant principal of guidance to principal of guidance to deputy headteacher.

Steve then went on to work with Falkirk Council for three years and implemented the School College Opportunities to Succeed programme, which aimed to ensure all children are given the right skills and everyone is given the best support available.

The Stirling University graduate wants to give all pupils at his school the same opportunities.

For 120 students in S4, who are generally not interested in college, they will have the chance to go to Forth Valley College one afternoon a week to sample courses.

Steve hopes this will open their eyes to what possibilities are available to them.

He said: “We have boys on hairdressing courses, but make it seem more appealing by focusing on horror styles. Or we encourage girls to try engineering and let them see there are opportunities for them in this field as well.”

Steve takes the helm at Bo’ness Academy weeks after an inspection declared the school could do better and the new headteacher agrees with the report.

He said: “We can do better and we will.

“I want everyone to be the best they can be. That includes pupils, teachers, myself and parents.”

The way to be the best is simple in Steve opinion - go back to basics. This means everyone coming to class and being prepared to learn from teachers prepared to teach.

The new rector is excited about getting started and is hosting a meet and greet in Bo’ness Academy on February 10 from 6.30pm to 7.30pm.

He said: “This will be a chance for the community to hear my plan for the school and see what I’m about.”