Bo’ness bodybuilder is top guy

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Hannah chalked up 
another success in his professional career winning a podium place at a world championship contest in the United States.

Davie, from Bo’ness, took the second prize at the Drug Free Athletics Coalition (DFAC) World Championships in Miami, Florida, capping all previous accolades in a career peak since getting his pro card in 2001, after coming third earlier this year in the British Grand Prix of the Natural Bodybuilding Federation.

“This is the best I’ve done so far,” said Davie. “I also came third in September at the Grand Prix and beat the guy who beat me at the Worlds.”

That would be his strongest rival Daz Cooper, then?

“Yeah, Daz and I are good friends,” said Davie, “but we enjoy a friendly rivalry and that gets the best out of athletes.” The two have competed against one another five times now and there seems to be a territorial divide.

“I’ve beaten him three times in the UK and he’s beat me twice in the US,” said Davie.

“The other important thing for me was the support from Kevin Hope of Granfab who helped me with the costs of getting to the competition.”

“When I competed in September in the Grand Prix, I just continued with my diet to get into the best shape I could for Miami. I’ve been in contests in New York, Washington, LA, the Cayman 
Islands but, outside the UK, my favourite venue has to be Miami, not least because I could enjoy the 85 degree sunshine.”

The BNBF is affiliated to DFAC as an organisation that promotes drug free natural bodybuilding and, as such, the contests put emphasis onto drug testing.

The DFAC pre-competition testing even went as far as subjecting contestants to a lie detector test. Davie said: “It is quite stringent, the testing. As well as the urine test, we had to take a polygraph lie detector test. Of course, that’s not saying that other competitions are not stringent too against drug testing.“

The 49-year-old begins training soon for next year’s world championship.