Bo’ness book goes digital for the Fair

Peter Aitken on his book release
Peter Aitken on his book release

Bo’ness author Peter Aitken has relaunched his best selling title - ‘Wha’s Like Us’ - as a digital e-book on Amazon.

Following upon the sell-out of the 1200 edition paperback version in 2002, which raised the amazing sum of £12,000 for the Bo’ness Children’s Fair, Peter was persuaded to update the content and to bring it slap bang into the 21st century by republishing as a 
digital e-book.

As well as incorporating around a dozen new Bo’ness worthies into the publication, Peter has also given it a fresh look with a brand new cover.

The only overriding criteria which applies to entries in the book is that they must be born and bred in the town.

Peter (77), of Bonhard Court in Bo’ness said: “It was suggested to me that in this day and age where more and more people are reading books in digital format on Kindles, e-readers, mobile phones and tablets, that I should consider republishing my title in this format.”

“It probably took me several months to rewrite the new edition, which my son then tweaked in order that it could be loaded to Amazon in a digital format.

‘‘There have been many books written over the past few years about the town of Bo’ness.

‘‘The majority of these have dealt with the history and only scratched the surface with regard to the townspeople and the wealth of characters that have lived here, both past and present.

‘‘The aim of this book is to present the amazing array of talent the town has produced over the years.

‘‘From business executives to doctors and surgeons, entertainers to sportsmen and women, all-in-all Bo’ness should be proud of these 
people, many of whom have travelled to all corners of the globe to further their professions.’’

The book, which sells for £6.17 on the digital platform returns a profit of £4.32 which is being donated to the Bo’ness Fair funds.