Bo’ness firefighter condemns malicious fireraising

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Police have called for Bo’ness residents to be vigilant after a surge in deliberate fire-raising incidents in the town over the last few weeks.

Fires set at Mingle Place, Ewart Grove, Shafto Place, Ritchie Place and Pennelton Place caused damage to wheelie bins, garden furniture and trees.

PC Craig Towler from the Bo’ness and Blackness Community team said: “Those who start these fires deliberately are not only wasting time and resources but they must remember it could be someone they know who may be in serious danger elsewhere when firefighters have been delayed due to their actions.

“Whether the reason for starting fires deliberately is boredom, bravado or wanting to see the fire engine go past with its lights on, it doesn’t matter, their actions could ultimately put lives in danger.”

Madelene Hunt, convenor of Bo’ness Community Council said that boredom was not an excuse for criminal activity.

She said: “Whoever is doing this is obviously just looking for something to do, but not in a controlled environment.

‘‘They just want to run wild. They needn’t be bored as there’s plenty to do around here.’’

Police have asked the public to report any information they may have in relation to these incidents to Police Scotland on 101.