Bo’ness in need of community hub

Newtown Park Association held a meeting to discuss what is needed
Newtown Park Association held a meeting to discuss what is needed

An ambitious group is uniting behind plans to change Newtown Park into a community hub for the whole town.

Currently home to Bo’ness United, the plans to completely revamp the area will offer a whole range of activities for all ages, while still being kept as the team’s home ground.

Newtown Park Association has plans to make this dream a reality and has teamed up with consultants PMR Leisure to ensure all voices throughout the town are heard, from the young to the old.

Penny Lockhead, director of PMR Leisure, said: “Everyone wants this to happen. However, more importantly, Bo’ness needs this.

“We want to create an environment where all members of the town can meet and enjoy sport amongst other hobbies.

“If you look at what there is in Bo’ness, at first glance it does appear to offer a lot, but these places are making do. We hope this hub would be a state of the art building and offer users the best possible experience.”

At a recent meeting with the association, younger members of the community voiced their opinions.

Mark and David Mitchell said: “At the moment there are not great facilities for children. There are clubs for certain ages and places to play football, but nowhere for you to meet up with friends or places that are reasonably priced.”

PMR Leisure has worked closely with the association to ensure that everyone has a chance to input their ideas.

Association member Robert Snedden said: “This is not just about football. It is an important part but the proposed hub will be so much more. It will give children a chance to interact with the elderly and bring this town closer together. We want all types of clubs to take place in the building, from sport to cooking, for all ages.”

The planned area for the community hub is in a prime location, next to Kinneil Primary School and easily accessible by public transport.

Penny Lockhead said: “We have had great support from the primary school and they will play a major part in making the hub a success. We hope to have kids use the facilities before, during and after school.

“Falkirk Community Trust have been outstanding in helping us and their support has been invaluable.”

The next meeting will take place on Thursday, August 27, at Fisions at 7pm to further discuss views on what the town needs from a hub. Anyone who can not attend but wishes to input their ideas should contact Wendy Sheldrick on 01620 895900 or at

By Christmas this year, the group hope to have an architect selected to begin designing the building.