Bo’ness looks set to lose another bank

The Bank of Soctland is due to close in Bo'ness in June
The Bank of Soctland is due to close in Bo'ness in June

Bo’ness could be left with only one bank in the town as the Bank of Scotland is due to close later this year.

The branch is set to shut up shop on June 6 and would leave the town with only a TSB, following the closures of Clydesdale Bank and Royal Bank of Scotland.

The public is outraged at the thought of Bo’ness losing yet another bank.

Carolanne Wilson wrote on the Journal and Gazette’s Facebook page: “Such a big town and nothing in it.”

Kathleen Lacki commented: “Getting ridiculous. Shop local they say, there will soon be nowhere to shop.”

Margaret Dougall added on Facebook: “With a population of 14,500 in our town we should be getting better services than we do.”

Customers accounts are being transferred to Linlithgow and residents face travelling from Bo’ness to the town to have access to their bank.

MSP Angus MacDonald has written to the branch asking them to re-think their decision.

The Falkirk East representative said: “Having to travel to the Linlithgow branch, will create considerable difficulties for elderly residents in Bo’ness and Blackness.

“A large number of bank customers still prefer to have face to face contact with their bank, particularly elderly residents who have little or no internet skills, or do not fully trust internet banking.

Julie McAllister said on Facebook: “I think it is a disgrace, I feel so sorry for older people who will need to travel. Trying to get a bus anywhere from Bo’ness is a disgrace.”