Bo’ness mum: “My boy is not dead”

Pauline Vaux  and 5-year-old son Peter Straiton
Pauline Vaux and 5-year-old son Peter Straiton

A devastated mum was stunned to learn friends believed her five-year-old son was dead despite him being alive and well.

Pauline Vaux’s sister even received a message of condolence from somone who believed the youngster had fallen victim to an asthma attack.

The upsetting series of events was sparked when Pauline’s former partner Grant Murray (32), of 35 Thirlestane, Bo’ness, appeared at Falkirk Sheriff Court. He failed to complete a community payback order imposed after he admitted supplying drugs.

In his defence, his lawyer stated that his young son had died a few weeks earlier after suffering a severe asthma attack. The case was reported in last week’s Journal and Gazette, leading to the worried enquiries.

The first Pauline (33) heard of it was when her sister called her home.

“Someone told her they were sorry to hear about her nephew,” said the mum, whose five-year-old son Peter does suffer from asthma. “I just burst into tears when I read the paper – I don’t think I actually believed it until then. I was angry and just felt sick.”