Bo’ness police station facing closure

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Bo’ness could lose its police office in a cost-cutting exercise which has placed dozens of similar buildings under threat.

Police Scotland has drawn up a list of 58 premises which could be closed as part of a wide ranging review.

It hopes to make its estate more “modern, flexible and fit for future policing across Scotland”.

The news about the Bo’ness office was only revealed after a freedom of information request by the BBC, leading to accusations that local communities were being left out of the loop.

The station in Commissioner Street is not open to the public.

However, although Bo’ness is on the list, the force insists no final decision has been taken, so it could still remain open following a review.

SNP Councillor for Bo’ness Sandy Turner said: “The proposals would see staff being relocated to the fire station at Linlithgow Road in a more collaborative approach.

“There are no serious implications from the station closing.

“The police presence in the town won’t go away.”

Scottish Labour’s Central Scotland MSP Elaine Smith has opposed the move, she said: “Stations in Bo’ness and Bainsford shouldn’t be closing because the SNP have overspent by £27 million.

“The overspend is forcing Police Scotland’s hand and the potential closure of local stations is just the next step for a force desperately trying to make ends meet.”

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: “We are currently exploring options for more collaborative working and improved delivery of local policing in Bo’ness by establishing a new police facility in the town.”