Bridge bosses release truck video as high winds warning

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A FOOLISH lorry driver who ignored strong wind restrictions on the Forth Road Bridge has been caught on film.

The operators of the Forth Road Bridge have released CCTV footage showing a lorry’s trailer being overturned by high winds after the driver ignored clearly signposted restrictions.

The large trailer was swept into the air by the gusting wind and left teetering on its side blocking the carriageway. For a whole minute the trailer looks like it has come to a rest. Then, surprisingly, it rights itself back on to the road.

The driver then continued on his way north to Fife but was soon apprehended by bridge staff and handed over to the police.

At the time of the incident on December 28, warning signs on the approaches stated that the bridge was closed to all vehicles except cars.

Barry Colford, chief engineer and bridgemaster, said: “We’re releasing this footage to warn drivers of the dangers of ignoring restrictions. This driver was very lucky that nobody was killed or injured.”

The CCTV footage is available to view on the Youtube website Click here