Bridge project moves forward

Shipment of bridge decks for new crossing
Shipment of bridge decks for new crossing

The construction of the new Forth Crossing has taken another major step forward with the first of four shipments of steel decking for the bridge arriving at Rosyth.

The shipment from China arrived last week and is yet another milestone for Scotland’s biggest infra-structure project in a generation.

Their arrival signals the next phase of construction which will see the bridge decks, which weigh 250 tonnes each, being attached to the central tower by late summer.

Once connected, the decks will be pushed out towards the north and south towers.

The latest phase of works also saw the introduction of a further 100 new jobs in addition to the 1000 directly employed at the site.

Transport Minister Keith Brown also visited Rosyth to meet some of the new employees and hear how the majority of deck preparations are now happening on site before they are lifted into position on the bridge.

Mr Brown said: “The sheer scale of the operation required to build the Queensferry Crossing becomes clear with the tower structures and V-shaped viaduct piers visibly rising from the Forth for all to see. Over 28,000 tonnes of steel is also being delivered.

“Each steel deck unit weighs 250 tonnes. The major fabrication process here at Rosyth dockyards involves adding a further 500 tonnes of concrete before the units are then taken out to form their part of the final bridge.’’

On the Forth, the three main towers are now clearly visible with the centre tower currently around 56 metres, the north tower 40 metres and south tower 32 metres high.

Three of the seven piers supporting the southern viaduct have been completed, with the fourth nearing completion, and the viaduct itself has been launched nearly half of its final 543 metre length.

Over in Fife, on the connecting road networks, preparations for the upgrade to the Ferry Toll junction are progressing well and will continue in the coming months.

On the south side, the new Queensferry junction is on schedule to open this summer.

Once completed in 2016, the bridge, which will be named the Queensferry Crossing, will be the tallest bridge in the UK and one of the largest of its type in the world.

And while construction work continues on both sides of the Forth, members of the public are being given the opportunity to be kept up to date with the series of presentations at the FRC Contact and Education Centre at Ferrymuir Gait in Queensferry.

The presentations are on the last Friday of each month until october at 10am.