Bridgend Community Centre is now wind and water proof

Bridgend Community Centre
Bridgend Community Centre

A number of improvements are being made to Bridgend Community Education Centre as part of a major renovation project.

West Lothian Council is spending £89,000 to upgrade, primarily, the drainage and the building’s roof.

However, a number of other improvements have been made too including heating, thermostatic radiator valves and sensors to ensure its energy efficiency, together with general decoration and minor internal and external works.

West Lothian Council has worked with the community to support the establishment of a management committee which is hoped will increase future usage at the centre.

The group has welcomed the improvements and hopes that it will lead to more local bookings.

Executive councillor for culture and leisure Dave King said: “West Lothian Council is committed to improving the condition of Bridgend Community Centre.

“We are delighted at the progress that has been made and we hope our support through these works will increase the use of the facility.”

Helen Mein, spokeswoman for the group, said: “It’s good to see the Bridgend community centre made wind and water proof again.

“The new boiler is making a difference to heating the building.

“Now we can’t wait for the internal work that will repair the floors and re-hang doors that open the wrong way.”