Bridges festival fireworks wrangle

Spectacular fireworks
Spectacular fireworks

Hopetoun based business 21cc Fireworks Limited has been left disappointed that it has been sidelined in favour of a London company to provide a fireworks display for the Forth Bridges Festival.

The company, which is based only four miles from the Bridge and has provided a number of spectacular firework displays at Hopetoun House is known to be supportive of the community and Forth Bridges Festival in particular.

One of their employees,
 Julie Ogilvie, said: “We have supported this event since its inception and we’re very upset that a fireworks company from London has been given the contract for this event. That doesn’t seem to fit in with Local Lookout campaign!”

This campaign is part of Forth Bridges Festival and sets out to encourage local companies to get involved.

Its website states: “We are running this campaign as a key aspect of the Forth Bridge Festival 2014 to support and celebrate the local community and businesses.”

But a spokesman for Forth Estuary Transport Authority, which manages the Forth Road Bridge and is responsible for the fireworks display and torchlight procession, said: ‘‘The contract which has been awarded for the finale of Forth Bridges Festival is to manage all aspects of the event, including the torchlight procession, fireworks and the shore-side entertainment.

‘‘As a public sector body, we had to follow the correct public procurement procedures which aim to ensure that all public contracts offer value for money and will undertake the full job required.

‘‘The main contractor who was eventually appointed is an Edinburgh-based business and has considerable experience in the live entertainment management.

‘‘We are really grateful to those who took the time and effort to submit proposals for this event, and for their on-
going support of the Forth Bridges Festival.’’

Social media comments have also raised questions over Queensferry Ambition’s involvement, which is helping to co-ordinate parts of the 

Diane Brown, project manager said: ‘The process of the tender and final decision to award the contract was made solely by FETA. We must emphasis this was not our choice, nor our remit.’’