Brothers’ Linlithgow bond

Hue and Cry Linlithgow 2014
Hue and Cry Linlithgow 2014

Musicians lead pretty mundane lives off-stage – Greg Kane is in his kitchen for this interview which begins only after we are entertained to a couple of minutes of ‘Venus Needs Her Chocolate’ coming down the line.

Use of modern technology helps the inter-action with fans in what Kane describes as a digital ‘walled garden’ on their website where fans old and new have access to their complete discography.

“All ahead of Facebook!” he said proudly.

Out of Hue and Cry’s 50 gigs in 2014, Linlithgow Palace now has a special significance.

Greg explained: “I just found out from my mother that our grandfather lived here before he married and moved to Coatbridge, so we need to investigate the family connection with the town.

“Our younger brother Garry (who plays bass with The Proclaimers) has looked at the family tree so he has to get on the case.”

The band’s new lease of life owes much to a break mid-way through their 25-year career which Greg believes preserved Pat’s distinctive sound.

“We are reaping the benefits of that lull now. His voice is stronger and his range broader. It was not planned, just a natural progression at the time,” he said.

Pat attracts attention for his music and politics, while Greg is the musical director.

A classically trained pianist – three hours daily practice and lessons from the demanding Mrs Buchanan assured his grounding in music –he plays saxophone too.

Greg explained that space had a lot to do with how the partnership works. They check into hotels on tour asking for rooms at either end of the building. Greg likes to avoid Pat’s early morning vocal routine!

Pat used the break from music to become rector of Glasgow University and founding editor of the Sunday Herald. Greg has interests in video and digital content and clearly drives the band’s online presence. Pat Kane may be a well-known political voice but Greg said: “ I am very political. We are both worriers but I’m quiet whereas he vocalises it.”

Kane ends the call to go to the bank. But tomorrow it’s back to the limelight on stage in Linlithgow.