Bruce’s benefit for ebola

Acoutic duo Dalriata
Acoutic duo Dalriata

So moved by the plight of Africans hit by the ebola epidemic, a South Queensferry musician has organised a fundraising gig.

Bruce Whitehead, who plays in his own local band, felt that he couldn’t simply sit back and do nothing.

He told the Journal and Gazette: “It’s debatable whether short term aid can tackle long term poverty but the ebola crisis is different.

“We need to send as much money as we possibly can to make sure that Africans get the healthcare they need to stop ebola in its tracks.”

The event has been planned for Thursday, December 18, at Caledonian Backpackers, 3 Queensferry Street, Edinburgh, from 6pm to 1am, where a bar will also be operating.

Unusually, there is no set ticket price but Bruce is hoping those who attend will be able to spare a donation of £5 per ticket.

Bruce first planned the event while tending to his baby son.

He explained: “Keir had a mild cold and was snuffling a bit; it made me wonder how I would feel as a parent of a child in Sierra Leone or Liberia who was suffering the same symptoms.

“I wondered what could be done; inevitably, my musician friends are getting the call to action!”

Bands are invited to email demo tracks to and the organisers will arrange a bill with a good mix of upbeat feel-good tunes. The idea is to get as many acts as possible playing on the night, all bringing a loyal following to boost fundraising efforts.