Buddy up to help people claim their disability benefits

Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh
Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh

The West Lothian Advice Shop is recruiting volunteers to help with the Buddy Project, which provides vital support for people who are claiming disability or sickness benefit.

Many people who claim benefits must attend medical assessments in Edinburgh which can be extremely daunting.

Volunteer Buddies help provide support throughout the process.

As a Volunteer Buddy you would meet your client a few days before their assessment to help them prepare for the medical; attend the assessment; and then make a note of what happens.

This can be useful if the benefit claim is ultimately unsuccessful.

Executive councillor for social policy, Danny Logue said: “Attending a medical assessment can be a frightening experience for some people and the thought of attending alone can add to the stress.

“Feedback shows that the Volunteer Buddy Project is highly valued by the people who have used the service.”

For more information, contact Joanne MacKenzie on 01506 282923 or email joanne.mackenzie@westlothian.gov.uk