Builders track down warden

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Builders at the Star and Garter have got their own back on a local parking warden by exposing him in technicolour.

The workmen were frustrated when the yellow menace allegedly targeted their vans around seven times with parking tickets, and threatened one with an ASBO. So they couldn’t believe their luck when they spotted the warden’s scooter parked on double yellow lines in Linlithgow High Street, and got the camera out, posting pictures of the warden’s scooter around the building site.

But on investigation, a Police Scotland spokesman said: “We have established that the traffic warden had stopped to issue a fixed penalty ticket to a vehicle parked on the same double yellow lines, causing an obstruction. This vehicle is not visible in the photograph that was taken, but nearby. In light of this, we are satisfied that the traffic warden has not acted improperly.”

The Star and Garter aims to open for Linlithgow Marches.