Bumper cheque handover

Kidz Stop nursery children and staff present a cheque for Cystic Fibrosis research
Kidz Stop nursery children and staff present a cheque for Cystic Fibrosis research

The staff and parents at Kidz Stop Nursery have been one big fundraising team in recent times enabling them to hand over a cheque for £7000 to Cystic Fibrosis research.

The principal of the nursery Caroline Gormley said: “The staff and parents were all 
involved and worked together doing all sorts of things to organise two main events 

“The first was at Fisons 
Social Club with a buffet, 
disco and prize draw which 
was really well supported by local businesses.

“The evening was really well attended by parents and staff and gave us the opportunity to raise more money with some of the men agreeing to have their legs waxed for 

Mum of two Stefanie Docherty (29) knows all too well the effects of cystic fibrosis as she herself has the condition.

She explained: “I keep quite well as I get lots of 
physiotherapy and take medication but I was quite ill about 18 months ago and that made the staff at the nursery decide to raise funds for this charity.

“Work is being done to develop a new drug with an announcement due imminently when clinical trials have 

“Anything that can be done to help find a new treatment would be good.

“I had never done any 
fundraising before but I am probably now going to take up a personal challenge sometime soon!”

Her husband Joseph was one of the fathers who had his legs waxed and successfully managed to raise £400 from his bravery.

A nursery parent who is employed at BP pointed the fundraising committee in the direction of their community funding initiative.

This led to the funds raised being doubled.

The BP fund is open to all local fundraising groups to boost their money-making schemes.