Burgers off menus at Falkirk Council

breaking news
breaking news

ALL BURGERS have today (Friday) been removed by Falkirk Council off its menus, in light of recent developments elsewhere.

A spokeswoman said: “This has been done as a precautionary measure until further information is available from our suppliers.

“We are closely monitoring any new developments and stress that we will continue to maintain high standards in all aspects of our catering.”

Yesterday, a spokeswoman had told the Journal and Gazette: “Meals are supplied to many different service users across the council area and we have received assurances from our suppliers that they can vouch for the standards required in terms of traceability of their meat products.

“School meals are provided by our own internal catering service in the majority of our schools and in the case of five of our secondary schools, by an outside catering company.

“We have sought assurances from these caterers that the ingredients they use to provide our meals to our schools have full traceability and integrity and we have also received statements to that effect from their suppliers.”

The situation had been under review, with the council also emphasising yesterday the maintenance of high standards across all its catering would be continued.