Bus stop confusion a sign of the times?

Bo'ness bus stop signage showing new QR codes
Bo'ness bus stop signage showing new QR codes

Concerns have been raised in Bo’ness over Falkirk Council’s newly installed hi-tech signage at bus stops in the town.

The sign boards which are attached to poles at stances denoting a bus stop no longer have actual timetables showing passengers the times of the services running on that route.

Instead, a ‘QR’ code is printed which advises travellers to scan it with their mobile phone in order to view a timetable.

Concerns have been raised locally over the confusion and inconvenience this will cause the elderly, many of whom will not have the ability to use a QR code or understand how it actually works.

Falkirk Council said: “There are over 1400 bus stops throughout the local area and we are unable to provide printed timetable information at all of them.”

“The QR codes are a way of making timetables more accessible to a wider range of users given the massive increase in the use of smartphones and apps.

“There are roughly 600 bus stops with traditional time-tables and these will not be replaced with QR codes.”

Quick Response Codes are a type of barcode which can be scanned and read by a smartphone.

These codes contain a link to information so, by scanning the code, passengers can then read the timetable.