Cheques to end in 2018

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CLARIFICATION for constituents on HM Treasury proposals to phase out personal chequebooks has been obtained by MP Michael Connarty.

The Linlithgow and East Falkirk representative has been informed measures to phase them out are being rolled out between now and 2016, with an end to cheques being proposed for 2018.

The use of cheques has been falling for many years, according to HM Treasury’s Payments Council, and this is expected to continue.

But it’s acknowledged there are many who are dependent on cheques, like small businesses, the charitable and voluntary sectors and older people.

A final decision won’t be taken until 2016 and will depend on whether suitable replacement payment methods have been established.

The Payments Council is keen to hear as many views as possible and can be contacted by emailing cheques@ or write to Payments Council, 14 Finsbury Square, London, ELZA 1LQ.

The Government has welcomed a new set of commitments from the Payments Council intended to reassure cheque users their interests won’t be ignored.

They include the continuation of cheque facilities until the alternatives in place, including a paper-based system, are available, acceptable and widely adopted.

The full list of commitments is accessible at