Concerns raised over staff transfer

A Forth Estuary Transport Authority worker told the Journal and Gazette this week that workers pensions and jobs could be at risk.

Last week we reported on FETA disbanding; we were told that all staff would transfer, along with their pension, to the new operator.

However, a staff member, who wishes to remain anonymous, claimed that when the transfer goes ahead the present pension scheme will be frozen – not continued as we reported.

He also claimed that while staff will not be made redundant as a result of the transfer, once they transfer they will be as much at risk as anyone else of losing their jobs – no security has been guaranteed.

A spokesperson for Transport Scotland said: “Scottish Ministers have made a commitment that FETA staff who are members of the Lothian Pension Fund (LPF) and who TUPE transfer to the new Forth Bridges Operating Company will retain intact their current pension rights within the LPF.

“Transport Scotland has also met with FETA staff and confirmed this.

“The Forth Bridges Operating Company will be an admitted member of the LPF, with Scottish Ministers acting as a guarantor.”

Staff were also concerned that, while TUPE regulations ensure no redundancies as a result of the change in employment, once employees are under contract to the new company, no guarantee exists.

A Scottish Government insider told us that was the case with all businesses.