rescue talks on stricken bo’ness foundry

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Workers at the crisis-hit 
Ballantine Bo’ness Iron 
Company have been told that there are several potential buyers and there are no plans for further pay-offs.

But staff fear that the level of investment needed might scare off would-be investors.

Eight of the 70-strong workforce have been paid off but a mass meeting on Friday was told by administrators BDO that a rescue might be possible.

James Stephen, business restructuring partner, said: “Given the current order book, there are no plans for further redundancies. We continue to discuss the possible acquisition of the ironworks with various interested parties.’’

But one staff member, who didn’t want to be named, said: ‘’The administrators told us this was not carved in stone.

‘‘Folk don’t know for a fact, and many don’t believe, that it will be taken over.

‘‘The next person buying it will have to to spend a lot of cash to get it up and running.

‘‘Furnaces need refurb-ishing and half the roof in the moulding shop is ready to fall down.’’ he said.