Buzzard attack on Linlithgow runner

WHEN Linlithgow lady Mary Little went for a jog last Thursday morning the last thing she expected was an attack from a bird of prey.

Mary (49) a reflexologist based on the High Street was jogging on the east side of Linlithgow Loch at 8.30am, close to the Grange area, when she suddenly felt a thump on the back of her head.

She said: “It felt really heavy - it came from behind and I had no time to think. Then I saw this bird sweep down in front of me.”

Mary watched as the bird flew to a tree high above her but she wasn’t sure what to do.

She added: “I started walking and it swooped down again. So I started running but it came at me again. It came three times - it got me the first time and missed the other two times. My heart was racing and I’ve never run so fast in all my life.”

Mary was left bleeding from head wounds.

She said: “I thought it was a bird of prey and that it might have been threatened by me or attracted to my hair. It was huge and brown with big wings and looked like a buzzard. It was like something from the film ‘The Birds’. I’ve been running for 20 years and I’ve never had this in my life. From now on, I’m taking a new running route.”

Countryside Ranger Andy Smart confirmed there are buzzards in the area and they are territorial.

He said: “Why a buzzard would attack at this time of year is unusual - but it can happen if they feel they are being threatened. There have been no other reports of this happening here. “The best advice would be to stay clear of that area, but it may be a one-off. We would advise anyone who has experienced anything like this to speak to us.”

An RSPB spokesperson added: “It’s extremely rare for this to happen and we cannot be certain but this bird may have been in contact with humans before.”