Calls to re-site town’s War Memorial

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CALLS were made this week for a more public war 
memorial in Linlithgow.

After recent Remembrance Day services, residents contacted the Journal and Gazette wanting the town’s memorial in a more public area rather than in St Michael’s Parish Church where it is currently situated. There was also concern that those killed in WWII were not included on the stonework but this was found not to be the case. Six service personnel who died after VJ Day are also included in the Roll of Honour.

Douglas Hanley of Hillhouse Farm wrote: “Access to this is limited which is poor and, if you are a visitor to the town, hard to find. This memorial should not be in a church but in a public place for all to view.”

It is thought the decision to place the war memorial in St Michael’s came from the former town council and may have been originally in the old Linlithgow Academy, now Low Port Primary.

Murdoch Kennedy said: “My view has always been that the town should have a public memorial. The Rose Garden has often been mentioned as a suitable place.”

St Michael’s is open to the public from 10.30am-1pm, and a church spokesman said the brass plaques on the memorial could attract thieves if it was more public and the Roll of Honour could not be displayed as it is at present.